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Ode of Andrew

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Ode of Andrew

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May your chickens be toasty and your fires roasty
Till your days no longer be freezy and your nights meezy

I will sing and ding that William is thy prophet
For ages to come he is your messenger

The tree your roof
The lightning your teeth

May the strength of spike
Be to the like of Mike
So that the Rose of Frat
May not be to depose the spike
And leave us all worse than the pike
For we all must enter Frat
But few can santer without a cot

But Rosie now has a cot
So all is not for not
Because Andrew has brought joy
Nothing of which I should be coy
For peace again is brought by the son of Seth
Across from the Meth
For shoes only a dollar
That have no need for water

For man is now to be free
But less than those in the sea
And he is nearly a bird
Have you never heard
For I think man almost better than a worm
When Leo's won has for god, the raid of the dorm
And all bow before the king and lord
Without need of the sword.
So bring a toast for the king
That Andrew is king
And let none be to fret
For Andrew is no dimwit!

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